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2021 Annual Ballot Measure Guide

While it is an off year for major elections, there are some important measures on the ballot in Denver and Colorado this year. Which means it is time for CGH’s Annual Ballot Measure Guide! At CGH, we intend to spend our careers fighting for justice.…

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Factors that may impact breath test accuracy

A Colorado charge of driving under the influence may lead to serious, potentially life-changing penalties and repercussions. You may have to serve time behind bars and surrender your driver’s license. Your bank account may also take a serious hit if that charge leads to a…

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Cheney Galluzzi & Howard, LLC’s Endorsements for Colorado Ballot Measures in 2016

At Cheney Galluzzi & Howard, we intend to spend our careers fighting for justice. We understand, however, that the fight for justice has to take place beyond just the courtroom. When we formed our law firm, we agreed we would never shy away from political issues…

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