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Defending Against DUI/DWAI Charges

If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), then you are facing severe consequences that can substantially disrupt your life and future. Zealous protection of your rights is essential to a fair outcome, and you should seek legal advice from a defense attorney as early as possible.

The strength of the prosecution’s case rests on the evidence the state has against you. When an officer first suspects you of driving under the influence, the officer will often ask you to 1) perform voluntary standardized field sobriety tests (roadsides) and 2) submit to blood or breathalyzer testing to determine Blood Alcohol Content. Whether you consent, and the results if you do consent, can be evidence against you. Any statements that you make to the police may also be considered as evidence against you.

There are both criminal penalties (fines, imprisonment and required public service) and administrative penalties for drunk driving. Courts impose criminal penalties, and the Colorado DMV imposes the administrative penalties, which may include license suspension and a revocation hearing. If you have been convicted of a previous DUI, or if there are certain facts present in your case called aggravating factors, the charges against you is much greater, and the consequences are more severe. You must seek legal representation immediately.

The Strong Legal Advocacy You Need

Cheney Galluzzi & Howard is here to help. From your first consultation, we are committed to helping you and devoted to effectively advancing your position. Cheney Galluzzi & Howard lawyers prepare for trial from day one. We focus immediately on gathering facts and evidence. We spend time to make sure that we can understand and develop your theory. Most importantly, we work relentlessly to prove your theory and ensure victory at trial. Sometimes, relentless and thorough trial preparation can result in a dismissal when it becomes apparent that the charges against are unwarranted or the evidence against you is too weak. Other times, relentless and thorough trial preparation will result in a favorable plea bargain and a sentence that puts you right back on track, and you may elect to choose that instead. But at all times, relentless and trial preparation is the only way to fully protect your rights and give you the best chance at your best outcome.

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