Travis Howard

Travis Howard

Travis Howard

Travis loves backing the underdog, empowering the overlooked, and amplifying the unheard.

In college that meant gathering and uniting disperse interests to present an idea to the City of Fort Collins, resulting in a project to build a skatepark for the youth instead of ticketing them across campus and downtown. In law school that meant taking action after the faculty wasn’t hearing the student body’s request for more construction law curriculum, resulting in a thriving student organization which stands strong almost two decades later. In his community that meant interning at a low-income housing developer to tackle legal and finance issues holding back major land grant developments and leases intended for housing civil servants, officers, and teachers in a very overpriced market. As a parent that meant joining a city’s governing panel and writing regulations to support business growth while protecting the youth as medical and then recreational marijuana developed into an industry. As a businessman and entrepreneur that meant providing guidance, review, and management for countless individuals striving to reach their goals and make good on their dreams against all odds.

At Cheney Galluzzi & Howard that means ensuring the firm always has the resources, acumen, and ethos to make good on every single promise to every single client. Whether you’ve been told your case is too small, your facts aren’t good enough, or the climb is simply too steep, our firm is committed to finding justice where others won’t. To Travis, that’s a legacy worth fighting for.


CU LAW add’t honors

  • Sustainable Development Scholarship Awardee
  • Dean’s List


  • Computer Information Systems Club

Professional Associations

Past Positions Taken

  • Sun Microsystems (open source is better)
  • Thistle Community Housing (housing should be affordable)
  • Dealerslink, Inc. (small-business deserves a seat)
  • TalkTools (special needs deserve attention)
  • CannaCounsel (everyone deserves counsel)

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