Bobby Galluzzi

Bobby Galluzzi

Bobby Galluzzi

Bobby is passionate about equality, committed to taking appropriate actions in the fight for all who are marginalized and underprivileged, and dedicated to a life of listening to the stories of others for the purpose of learning new ways to be an ally for those around him.

A longtime fan of the work done by the legal team at CGH, Bobby saw an opportunity to join the company in February 2024 when a position opened in the intake field. Fresh from a career in hospitality and sales, a public-facing position seemed a natural fit. Bobby believes that a good sale is about finding the right fit, and in a service industry that means always being a provider that your clients can trust. Prior to CGH, Bobby was the General Manager of River and Woods Restaurant in Boulder, CO – a restaurant that he helped to open in 2016. His hospitality philosophy is that we must take care of each other to be able to take care of our guests, and he is excited to bring that same level of care to clients injured in car crashes, workplace falls, and through medical malpractice.

Once a promising student, Bobby stepped away from academics to focus on his role as the primary custodial parent for his son, Dominic. During those years, he spent time as a competitive soccer coach of various age groups in addition to coaching youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. He counts Dominic as one of the most influential people in his life – not just in the way that parents may often change to become more focused and responsible versions of themselves in response to a new baby, but as a young adult who asks the right questions and takes time to choose carefully to lead by example.

Believing that we must care for ourselves to be caretakers for others, Bobby’s interests outside of work include jiujitsu, yoga, snowboarding, thai boxing, hiking. He prefers to keep running confined to his sentence structure, but is willing to participate sometimes as an ancillary exercise.

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