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Cheney Galluzzi & Howard, LLC’s Endorsements for Colorado Ballot Measures in 2016

At Cheney Galluzzi & Howard, we intend to spend our careers fighting for justice. We understand, however, that the fight for justice has to take place beyond just the courtroom. When we formed our law firm, we agreed we would never shy away from political issues…

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Sealing your record in Colorado just got a whole lot easier!

As of August 2016, a new law in Colorado makes sealing your record of criminal cases and arrests a whole lot easier. The law applies to cases that end in dismissal or acquittal. Cases that “end in dismissal,” include cases where the prosecutor dismisses the…

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“Yea but he started it”—A Guide to Self-Defense

Even before we become adults, we know about self-defense as an excuse for behavior. One brother gets in trouble with his parents for hitting his brother, and “he started it” are the first words out of his mouth. There’s something intuitive about the right to…

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Underage DUI Laws in Colorado

In Colorado, the penalties for Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) are severe. The specific penalties for alcohol-related driving charges, however, are different depending on a number of factors. Those factors include the driver’s blood-alcohol content (“BAC”) and age. In this article, we look at the…

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Just treat me fair: insurance bad faith in Colorado

When we make a deal, purchase a product, or sign a contract, we expect the other side to be acting in “good faith.”  Simply put, this means we expect the other side to be acting honestly and with good intent.  Many times the other side…

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Affluenza: Diagnosing the System

In June 2013, Ethan Couch got drunk, drove a vehicle, and slammed that vehicle into two cars. He killed 4 people and injured more. Ethan was 16 years old. He pleaded guilty to four counts of intoxication manslaughter. Prosecutors asked for 20 years in prison.…

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What should you do after being injured in a car accident? Part 1: Seeking medical treatment

Have you been injured in a car accident?  While that phrase may seem like a joke because of television commercials, in all seriousness, the steps you take after being injured in a car accident are incredibly important.  If you’ve been injured in a car accident,…

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Hot Coffee and the Myth of the Frivolous Lawsuit

When we tell our friends and family that we focus predominantly on personal injury work, we naturally hear about “frivolous” lawsuits. Or we hear how “greedy” trial lawyers are responsible for the rising cost of medical care or basically any other thing people purchase. Often,…

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What Happens When You’re Injured in a Bike Accident Caused by an Unsafe Road or Sidewalk

oloradoans ride bicycles to work, to run errands, or just for fun. Many Colorado towns and cities try to make their roads and/or sidewalks safe for bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles alike. But sometimes roads and sidewalks create dangerous conditions for cyclists. Other times, maintenance work…

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How much auto insurance coverage do I need?

As lawyers who represent victims of car crashes, we often are looking into our clients’ auto insurance coverage. While the insurance company from whom you choose to purchase insurance is not as important, the amount of coverage you purchase is absolutely important. We will address…

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