5 things to know about bicyclists’ rights

5 things to know about bicyclists’ rights

Traffic zipping past you as you ride your bicycle on the road in Colorado can be scary. You are very vulnerable in this situation. Any little mistake or misunderstanding of the road laws could lead to a serious injury and possibly death. Accidents involving bicyclists do not have to happen as long as everyone understands and follows the law.

The Colorado Department of Transportation explains that everyone must share the road, which includes bicyclists and pedestrians. Here is a quick rundown of five things you should know about the law pertaining to bicyclists.

  1. Keep hands on handlebars

The law says you must always have at least one hand on your handlebars when riding on public roadways.

  1. Always yield to pedestrians

Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Just as if you were driving a vehicle, when riding a bicycle, you have to yield to pedestrians.

  1. Follow road rules for vehicles

Generally, you have to follow all the same rules when riding your bike as you do when driving a car. This means stopping at stop signs and yielding to others on the road.

  1. Ride single file

You should never ride beside another bicyclist when on the roads. There are exceptions, though. You may ride side by side on bike paths, bike lanes or if riding side by side will not affect traffic.

  1. Do not carry passengers

Unless your bicycle is designed for multiple riders, you cannot carry a passenger on your bicycle. The only exception would be if you add a child seat; then you could carry a child with you.

Just because you are not in a motor vehicle it does not give you the right to ride all over roadways in any manner you choose. For safety, you have to obey the laws and make sure that you pay attention to what is happening around you.

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