Avoid these mistakes in your personal injury case

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Avoid these mistakes in your personal injury case

Avoid these mistakes in your personal injury case

If you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, avoid these common missteps.

Ignoring your doctor’s advice

Not following your doctor’s recommendations or treatment plan could prevent you from receiving any or all of the compensation you seek. The other parties in your case could claim that you are not actually injured. Additionally, ignoring medical advice could cause more damage.

Hiding a preexisting condition

You may worry that any old injuries or existing illnesses could impact your lawsuit. However, you should be honest about prior conditions. Not only can hiding an illness or injury affect your medical treatment, it can also harm your case.

Posting on social media

How you use social media could have serious implications. The other party will likely use any online information they can to deny your claim. Make sure to carefully consider whether the content could downplay your injury before posting online and never discuss your injury or lawsuit on social media.

Waiting to file

In Colorado, you have a limited amount of time to pursue a personal injury claim. The filing deadline will vary depending on the type of accident.

If you want to seek compensation for your injury, make sure to document all aspects of your injury and begin the filing process as soon as possible. Your diligence could make a difference in your case.

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