3 Actions to Remember During a DUI Stop

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3 Actions to Remember During a DUI Stop

3 Actions to Remember During a DUI Stop

There are many reasons why police pull people over every day. While you may actively avoid any driving actions that may lead to a traffic stop, it is not always easy or possible to avoid it. The main concern going through your mind is likely the reason for the stop.

If police officers pull you over on suspicion of DUI, there are a few things you need to remember about your rights and what to do.

1. Remain silent

You may exercise your right to remain silent and inform the officer that you are doing so. Avoid lying to the officer, but you have the right to not say anything. Keep in mind that anything you say or do may end up presented as evidence against you in court. The police cannot legally compel you to answer any questions.

2. Be polite

Act politely and non-aggressively. Avoid escalating the situation by talking back or engaging in a verbal fight, even if you disagree with the reason for the stop. Being uncooperative may also serve as further ammunition against you.

3. Remember that field sobriety tests are optional

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests involve physical movements, like walking in a straight line. These tests may be difficult for some people to perform regardless of whether they have alcohol in their system. In addition, this kind of evaluation is voluntary in the state of Colorado. However, note that you must submit to a blood alcohol level test if the police request it. Otherwise, you risk license suspension due to express consent laws.

There are many reasons that law enforcement makes traffic stops every day. If the police pull you over for suspected DUI, you may stay calmer and assert your rights by understanding what to expect.

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