3 leading causes of pedestrian strikes

3 leading causes of pedestrian strikes

Walking should not result in an injury, yet pedestrians get struck by vehicles every day. Why do these accidents occur so frequently?

Pedestrians need to stay on guard when crossing any Denver street. Even though drivers must look out for walkers, it does not always happen. Discover three common reasons pedestrians get hit and face serious injuries.

1. Turning at an intersection

When a pedestrian reaches an intersection and has the right of way, the belief is drivers will stop. While this is often the case, drivers turning right at an intersection do not always yield. They approach an intersection, looking to the left to ensure the right lane is clear. Sometimes, drivers do not look right to ensure the crosswalk is empty. Thus, a pedestrian crossing the street from the right of a turning vehicle may get hit.

2. Driving distracted

Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents and fatalities. The increase in cellphone usage behind the wheel is the main reason drivers take their eyes off the road ahead. Pedestrians find themselves getting hit while crossing the road, walking on the shoulder and even on the sidewalk.

3. Crossing illegally

Most times, a pedestrian strike falls firmly on the shoulders of the driver. However, if a pedestrian is jaywalking, the fault may fall to him or her. Walking across a street at a point not marked by a crosswalk may make a pedestrian more likely to get hit. The area’s lighting is often insufficient to illuminate a walker, and drivers do not expect a person to walk in front.

Pedestrian accidents often result in injuries. Even at lower speeds, a vehicle can inflict serious damage on the body. Understanding how these crashes happen may help prevent them.

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