Commerce City Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Commerce City Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Commerce City Bicycle Accident Attorney

Colorado enjoys a reputation as one of the more bike-friendly states in the US, but bicycle accidents nonetheless occur with alarming regularity in busy areas like Commerce City. In fact, Colorado saw over 4,000 bikers injured by motorists from 2010 to 2019. Many of those cyclists wisely sought the services of a Commerce City bicycle accident lawyer.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, seek medical care for your injuries and enlist a bike injury attorney. CO firm Cheney Galluzzi & Howard is ready to work on your behalf in your case.

Commerce City Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Understanding Commerce City, CO Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can have many different causes and can potentially result in many different types of injuries. From minor, single-person falls to serious or even fatal car-bike crashes, it takes a highly reputable and well-seasoned personal injury team to analyze the unique details of a case and build those details into a successful personal injury claim that results in significant compensation for the injured party.

There is a long list of potential underlying causes behind bicycle accidents, with many of them involving negligent motorists. Some of the common causes of bike accidents include:

  • Inattentive or distracted driving
  • Faulty equipment, such as inadequately built or improperly installed bike parts
  • Unsafe driving in current weather conditions
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to obey traffic laws and posted signs
  • Hazardous road conditions

Note that most of the items on this list, including distracted driving, unsafe operation, DUI, and failure to follow the rules of the road, could apply to either a motorist who is causing an unsafe situation for cyclists or the cyclists themselves. Colorado’s comparative fault rules allow for courts to take a nuanced approach to cases where fault for an accident is shared by two or more parties.

In addition to having many potential underlying causes, bicycle accidents can also result in an incredibly wide range of different injury types. Some of these include:

  • Head injuries. Being thrown from a bicycle or struck by a car can result in direct trauma to the head. Wearing an approved helmet can reduce this risk, but even properly equipped cyclists are at risk of head injury when motorists and high speeds are involved.
  • Spine and neck injuries. Some of the scariest potential bicycle injuries have to do with spine and neck damage. This type of injury can have serious, lasting consequences, including paralysis.
  • Broken bones. The violent and abrupt nature of car-bike accidents can easily result in fractured and broken bones.
  • Torn ligaments. Sometimes, the strenuous nature of trying to compensate for an unexpected road hazard can result in a cyclist overexerting one part of their body, leading to a serious injury, even if they manage to keep their bike upright throughout the ordeal.

As you can see, a long list of potential causes for bike crashes is paired with an equally long list of potential injuries, making every bicycle injury case quite unique when all factors are considered. The personal injury team at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard is experienced in untangling these complicated situations and leveraging the unique details of your case to create a winning legal strategy, ultimately resulting in significant financial compensation.

Biking in Commerce City, CO

With over 25 miles of scenic and highly usable trails, it’s no surprise that Commerce City is able to foster a vibrant biking community. The local trails and roads also link to some awesome larger trail systems like the Sand Creek Regional Greenway and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Whether biking Commerce City’s trails or sharing the local roads with cars, it’s important to obey all posted rules, be aware of your surroundings, and drive defensively to keep yourself safe. If the worst should happen, and you’re injured while enjoying your bike ride, please see to your immediate medical needs and then contact the formidable legal team at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard to see if your damages may be legally compensable.


Q: How Much Do Accident Attorneys Charge in Colorado?

A: Good attorneys are expensive, with rates of several hundred dollars per hour common in many competitive markets. Many people, therefore, perceive the cost of quality legal services as being prohibitively high, and this belief can even prevent them from seeking legal help when they’ve been injured.

It’s important to understand that when an injury case is likely to result in a payout, you may be able to find a highly reputable, highly capable personal injury attorney who is willing to take on the case with no upfront fee required. This contingency fee model allows injured parties to access powerful legal help now and pay for it only after they receive a settlement.

Q: Who Is Usually at Fault If a Bicycle Is Involved in an Accident?

A: We lack comprehensive data about bicycle use and accidents, so there is no data that conclusively tells us who is at fault for the majority of bike-involved accidents. However, over 4,000 Colorado bikers were injured due to the actions of motorists from 2010 to 2019, meaning that drivers are at fault for a significant segment of serious bicycle accidents.

Q: Do Bicycles Have the Right of Way in Colorado?

A: Having the right of way depends on the situation. While motorists are legally obligated to yield to bicycles in many situations, cyclists are also obligated to know and follow all traffic laws. If you are involved in an accident because of your own negligence or failure to follow posted signs, it may limit your ability to seek compensation for damages under Colorado’s comparative fault principle.

Q: How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Colorado?

A: Most personal injury claims, and many other types of civil suits, are subject to a two-year statute of limitations in Colorado. For accidents involving an automobile, however, the window may be extended to three years. Your attorney can help you understand the exact deadline for filing based on the particular circumstances of your case.

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If you’ve been injured while operating a bicycle, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, property damages, and even intangible damages like emotional suffering. Contact Cheney Galluzzi & Howard today for a compassionate, confidential consultation to begin the process.

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