3 safety innovations and increased protection for cyclists

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3 safety innovations and increased protection for cyclists

You may ride your bicycle purely for fun and relaxation. On the other hand, like many people in Colorado, you might use your bike as a major form of transportation. 

The more often you ride, the more risk you take. Here are three unique innovations designed to make all your bicycle journeys safer. 

The smart helmet

When you ride in traffic, one of the safety issues you face is getting lost in the blind spot of the motorist next to you. The Classon Helmet uses smart technology to help you avoid this. With cameras front and rear, the helmet lets you know when a vehicle is approaching or when you have entered a blind spot. In addition, lights on the sides and back illuminate when you move your arms to signal a brake or a turn. 

The laser circle

“Bikesphere” by Michelin uses a red laser as a proximity detector. This feature creates a glowing circle around your bike so that you are much more visible to motorists. As a driver approaches, the brightness of the laser intensifies showing the motorist how much space he or she needs to overtake the bike safely. 

The helpful LEDs

With its Bluetooth connectivity, the “Bicycle Winkler” provides a series of LEDs for your pedals that make riding after dark safer. Push the buttons on the end of your handlebars and the LEDs illuminate and flash, indicating that you are about to make a turn. 

All in for bicycle safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency room personnel treat more than 600,000 injured bicyclists annually in the U.S. Resist becoming a part of this group by adding the newest protective innovations to your bike and enjoying the safest ride possible. 

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