Colorado’s traffic woes

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Colorado’s traffic woes

Traffic jams and overall challenges in navigating roads throughout the United States cost drivers time and sanity. The longer they last, the more stress drivers feel. Road congestion also has negative financial consequences. According to WalletHub, U.S. drivers “paid” $88 billion in 2019 and lost 99 hours of time.

The United States also boasts five out of the worst cities globally and 19 of the “top” 25 in North America for traffic and vehicle-related issues. Perhaps the only saving grace is the U.S. ranking 17 out of 141 in quality of roads.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many drivers staying home, resulting in not-so-busy U.S. roads. Towards the end of 2020, cumulative travel saw a reduction of 380 billion vehicle miles than the same time one year earlier, representing a reduction of nearly 14 percent.

Troubling statistics for the Centennial State

WalletHub identified states enjoying the most positive driving experiences, using 31 indicators that would define a stress-free and positive commute. Statistics factored in average fuel costs, rush-hour traffic congestion, road quality, and other factors.

Texas took the top spot, while Hawaii, the 50th state, ranked 50.

Colorado came in only nine spots higher – 41 –  than the Aloha State with high vehicle ownership and maintenance costs, significant traffic and infrastructure problems, less than adequate safety standards, and minimal access to vehicles and maintenance.

The state’s highest ranking involved the number of motor vehicle dealerships per capita at 32. Specific stats for the Centennial state revealed the following:

  • Vehicle thefts – 49th
  • Rush-hour congestion – 40th
  • Quality of roads – 33rd
  • Higher gas prices – 33rd
  • Car dealerships per capita – 32nd
  • Yearly insurance premiums – 41st

Not all the news was bad for Colorado. Last year’s ranking was 46thOther factors were also positives for the state:

  • Repair shops per capita – 18th
  • Rate of traffic deaths – 24th
  • Number of days with precipitation – 6th
  • Effective driving laws – 8th
  • Alternative fuel stations per capita – 2nd

Colorado driving presents challenges. However, when those difficulties are combined with negligent drivers who are reckless or under the influence, serious accidents are often the result. In many of those tragic occurrences, the help of a personal injury attorney can help crash victims secure justice in the form of compensation.

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