Get to know Denver bike laws

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Get to know Denver bike laws

Get to know Denver bike laws

If you regularly ride a bicycle to work, for exercise or just for fun, you need to know the laws that apply to Denver cyclists. Although bikers should generally follow the same traffic laws that apply to cars, some unique regulations do exist. 

Refresh your knowledge of Denver bike laws before your next trip on two wheels. 

Stay off the sidewalk 

Denver law does not permit biking on the sidewalk as it is a hazard for pedestrians. Exceptions include: 

  • When delivering newspapers 
  • When slowing down to park at a speed below 6 mph 
  • On sidewalks within a marked bike route 

Stay to the right 

When riding on the road, cyclists should remain as far to the right as possible while keeping at least 3 feet from the curb so you can avoid hazards that arise. When the right lane is a turning lane only and you plan to go straight at the intersection, move to the next lane. If you are with another person, you can either ride single-file or next to one another if doing so does not affect the traffic flow. 

Follow left-turn guidelines 

Turning left as a cyclist can be tricky. You can either: 

  • Ride to the crosswalk, dismount and cross as a pedestrian 
  • Wait in the turn queue box, available only at intersections within marked bikeways 
  • Stay on your bike, signal to drivers that you plan to turn left and turn when you can safely do so 

Use a bike light 

If you regularly ride after dark, you must outfit your bike with: 

  • A white light at the front of the bike that drivers can see from at least 500 feet away 
  • A red reflector or light at the rear of the bike that drivers can see from at least 600 feet away 

These laws help cars, bikes and pedestrians share the road safely. Following correct procedure and taking safety measures while riding your bike can help protect you from serious personal injury. 

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