Why do insurers request blanket medical authorizations?

Why do insurers request blanket medical authorizations?

If you have driven on I-70 just north of Downtown Denver recently, you have undoubtedly encountered shifting traffic patterns. These are likely to become even more confusing over the next couple of years as roadcrews begin construction on eastbound lanes.

In 2019, there were 842 fatal crashes in construction zones in the U.S. Many others resulted in life-altering injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. If you sustain an injury in a construction zone or anywhere else, an insurance adjuster may ask you to complete a blanket medical authorization.

What is a blanket medical authorization?

A blanket medical authorization is a simple insurance form that may complicate your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. If you sign this form, the insurer has the legal right to examine all your medical records. This is true even if the records have little or nothing to do with the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Why do insurers ask for blanket medical authorizations?

With few exceptions, insurance companies are for-profit businesses that must maximize profits for their shareholders. They do this by accepting your regular premiums and paying out as little as possible for your injury and property damage claims. Put simply, your insurer probably has its interest in mind instead of yours.

What can insurers learn from a blanket medical authorization?

When examining your complete medical records, an adjuster may find something to use against you. For example, the adjuster may blame your car accident injuries on a pre-existing injury or chronic illness. Doing so may give the insurer cover to deny your claim or offer you a pithy settlement.

As with all insurance forms, you must fully understand the consequences of signing a blanket medical authorization. Ultimately, if you want to receive the settlement or judgment you deserve, you may want to think carefully about signing anything after a car accident.

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