Colorado Car Accident Laws 2024 — Everything You Need to Know

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Colorado Car Accident Laws 2024 — Everything You Need to Know

Car accidents happen every day throughout Colorado, and it’s vital for a driver who experiences an accident to know the laws and statutes that are likely to come into play in the subsequent legal proceedings. Every car accident is unique, and almost every accident will lead to challenging interactions with insurance companies. While insurance is usually the first step toward recovering your losses from a car accident, it may not be enough to fully cover your losses. In this situation, you must take further legal action against the driver who caused your accident in the form of a civil claim.

Colorado car accident laws

Cheney, Galluzzi & Howard offers comprehensive legal representation to drivers injured by other drivers’ careless and reckless actions. However, if you are unsure how to approach the insurance claim process or believe you must take further legal action beyond insurance, it’s vital to know Colorado’s car accident laws in 2024 and how they will apply to your situation.

Proving Fault for a Car Accident in Colorado

One of the essential steps in resolving any car accident claim is determining fault. Accidents happen in many ways, and it is not always easy to determine exactly how an accident occurred. If another driver caused your recent accident, you must prove they are responsible for the incident to hold them accountable with an auto insurance claim or civil lawsuit and recover your damages.

Some of the most commonly reported causes of car accidents that lead to civil claims in Colorado include:

  • Distracted driving. All drivers must pay attention to their surroundings at all times and avoid any distracting activities that prevent them from maintaining complete control over their vehicles.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). If a driver causes an accident due to intoxication, they will face criminal charges in addition to civil liability for any damages they cause to others. In addition, DUI can lead to driver’s license suspension, fines, jail time, and more penalties assigned on a case-by-case basis.
  • Aggressive driving. Weaving between slower-moving traffic, tailgating, and other aggressive actions on the road can easily lead to severe accidents.
  • Moving violations. Drivers must abide by posted speed limits and traffic signals. Running red lights, speeding, and illegal turns can easily cause accidents.

If you recently experienced an accident and believe the other driver engaged in any of these or other irresponsible actions, it’s vital to consult an experienced Denver personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

How Does Car Insurance Work in Colorado?

Every Colorado driver must have auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. If another driver hits your vehicle, they are responsible for your damages, and you will need to file a claim against their auto insurance policy. After an accident, your safety should be your primary concern. If you feel well enough to move after the crash, report the incident to the police and obtain the other driver’s contact information and insurance details. It’s a good idea to take a photo of their driver’s license and insurance cards. You will need this information to file your claim.

Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is not always easy, and even if you successfully secure a claim settlement, you may need to take further legal action. If you are already struggling with the aftermath of your recent car accident, hiring an experienced attorney is one of the best ways to approach this demanding situation, and you need legal counsel you can trust to navigate this situation effectively.

Your car accident lawyer can negotiate with insurers on your behalf and help you obtain a settlement more quickly than you could likely manage on your own. If you cannot recover completely from an insurance claim, your attorney can assist you in building a civil claim against the driver responsible for your accident. A successful civil suit can potentially yield compensation for medical expenses and vehicle repairs that insurance can’t cover, as well as repayment of lost income and compensation for your pain and suffering.

FAQs About Colorado Car Accident Laws

Is Colorado a No-Fault State for Auto Accidents?

No, Colorado upholds a fault rule for resolving car accident claims. This means that a driver who causes an accident is responsible for the other driver’s damages. Every driver must have at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for a single person, $50,000 or more in total accident bodily injury liability coverage, and $15,000 or more in property damage liability coverage. Determining fault is the first step toward recovery after any car accident in Colorado.

What Happens When You Get Into an Accident, and It’s Not Your Fault?

You should report the accident to the police and seek medical attention as soon as possible for your injuries. It’s best to remain at the crash site until the police arrive, and first responders can take you to the hospital if necessary. If you can do so, you should try to record as much as possible from the scene of the crash. Take photos of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. These photos can be beneficial for an insurance claim or civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

How Much Can Someone Sue for a Car Accident in Colorado?

If another driver caused your recent car accident, they are liable for all damages they cause. Economic damages in your case are likely to include immediate and future medical costs, lost income, lost earning capacity, and property damage. You also have the right to claim compensation for pain and suffering. An experienced attorney can help you calculate the total potential value of your car accident claim.

How Long Do You Have to File a Lawsuit for a Car Accident in Colorado?

The statute of limitations or time limit for filing a civil claim for a car accident in Colorado is three years from when the accident occurred. It’s typically best to start working on your claim as soon as possible. This means securing legal counsel, obtaining evidence, and calculating the full scope of your losses. Your attorney can help you with an insurance claim against the at-fault driver’s policy, and if your damages exceed their coverage, you can proceed with your civil suit.

A car accident can be a life-changing experience, and it’s natural to feel uncertain about this type of situation. Cheney, Galluzzi & Howard can answer your most pressing legal questions and help you make sense of your recovery process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our firm can help you resolve your recent car accident.

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