Lone Tree Car Accident Lawyer

Lone Tree Car Accident Lawyer

Lone Tree Car Accident Attorney

Every day, car accidents happen for many unpredictable reasons throughout the state. Sometimes fault for these incidents is perfectly clear, and those responsible accept liability for the damages they cause. Other accidents are more contentious, with the drivers involved disagreeing as to how these incidents occurred. Ultimately, anyone who experiences a car accident in the Lone Tree, Colorado, area must understand the value of reliable legal counsel if they want to maximize their recovery.

Helping Lone Tree Car Accident Victims Recover With Confidence

Cheney Galluzzi & Howard has an experienced team of personal injury attorneys offering compassionate and responsive legal counsel to clients in the Lone Tree area. Our firm has assisted many clients with their car accident claims, and we know the legal challenges you are likely to face in your efforts to recover your damages. If you believe another driver is at fault for your injuries and economic losses, we have the skills and resources necessary to hold them accountable for their behavior.

Lone Tree Car Accident Lawyer

Proving Liability for Your Car Accident

Before you can obtain any type of compensation for the damages you suffered in your recent accident, you must prove how the accident happened and identify the party responsible for it. Car accidents happen in many ways, and a few of the most commonly reported causes of car accident claims in the Lone Tree area include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI). The penalties for driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol can include fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges. Some defendants will face additional penalties depending on the specific details of their actions and their past DUI records. Additionally, penalties will increase automatically if they hurt or kill anyone with their actions.
  • Speeding. Any time a driver exceeds the speed limit, they increase their risk of causing an accident. Speeding will also increase the severity of any resulting damages if they do have an accident. If you believe that speeding caused your recent accident, your Lone Tree car accident attorney can help you secure the driver at fault’s vehicle computer records that will show their speed at the moment of impact.
  • Distracted driving. Throughout the country, distracted driving tops the list of common reasons for vehicle accidents every year. Even a few seconds of inattentive driving can cause a devastating collision, and it can seem very difficult to prove that the responsible driver was distracted when they caused your accident. Traffic camera footage and eyewitness testimony could be invaluable to your case, and your Lone Tree car accident attorney will help you determine the best way to prove fault for this type of accident.
  • Reckless driving. Unfortunately, some people intentionally commit moving violations, drive aggressively, or otherwise willfully violate their duty to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly. Reckless driving is a crime in the state, and similar to DUI, drivers at fault will face heightened penalties if they hurt or kill anyone because of their actions.

Car accidents are often unpredictable and can easily be life-changing events for those involved. When an accident occurs because of negligence, the injured driver must prove the responsible driver held a duty of care they failed to fulfill and directly caused the victim’s damages. In the event an accident occurs because of intentional and/or criminal misconduct, the state is likely to file criminal charges against the driver at fault.

If you are sure someone else is responsible for your recent accident and you want to have the best chance of maximizing your recovery, you need a Lone Tree car accident attorney with experience to guide you through your recovery efforts as efficiently as possible. Cheney Galluzzi & Howard will assist you in gathering any physical evidence, witness statements, and even expert witness testimony you may need to prove fault for your accident. Once we help you identify the party or parties liable, you can rely upon us to help you navigate the complex legal proceedings ahead of you and secure the compensation you legally deserve.

Recovering From Your Car Accident

Most serious accidents will lead to contentious and complex legal proceedings for those involved. State law requires all drivers to have auto insurance, so your recovery from your accident is likely to begin with a claim against the responsible driver’s insurance policy. This may not be enough to fully compensate for your losses, however, which means you must prepare a personal injury claim against them.

An experienced Lone Tree car accident attorney can help their client navigate the insurance claim process, gathering the evidence to substantiate their claim and reviewing any discrepancies that arise. If the insurance company pushes back against your claim unfairly for any reason, your attorney will advise you on how to resolve the situation as efficiently as possible.

When insurance alone cannot fully compensate you for your damages, you need to file a personal injury suit against the driver who injured you. State law allows you to hold the defendant accountable for the full range of property damage, medical expenses, and lost income you suffered because of their actions. This includes both immediate and future damages, and an experienced attorney will help you calculate the entire range of your claimable economic losses. Additionally, state law allows a plaintiff to claim compensation for pain and suffering, but this is limited in most personal injury claims.

Whatever your car accident case entails, the team at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard will provide ongoing support and reassurance throughout your case. We have the skills and resources necessary to handle the toughest accident claims and have assisted many clients through their recovery efforts. If you are unsure how to approach the aftermath of your recent accident and you know another driver is responsible for it, we can help you ensure accountability for the losses you suffered.

Colorado Auto Accident FAQs

Q: Do I Really Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Crash

A: Technically, there is no requirement for you to hire legal counsel if you intend to pursue any kind of legal recourse against the driver who hit you. However, recovery from any serious accident is likely to require both an auto insurance claim and a personal injury claim against the driver at fault. When you have trusted legal counsel advising you, you have a better chance of maximizing the results of these recovery efforts and securing the compensation you need to recover in a timely manner.

Q: How Much Time Does It Take to Receive an Auto Insurance Settlement?

A: If you have experienced legal counsel assisting you with your auto insurance claim, and the responsible driver is clearly to blame for the accident, it should only take a few weeks for you to receive your settlement check from their insurance company. Having an attorney to aid you with the claim process will significantly improve your chances of streamlining the claim process and reaching the best possible outcome as quickly as possible.

Q: Will I Get a Larger Personal Injury Settlement With an Attorney?

A: When you have the attorneys at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard representing you in a personal injury claim for an auto accident, we will use our skills and resources to help you maximize your recovery. Our team has helped many clients recover substantial compensation for their damages, and we have confronted all the major insurance carriers in the state on behalf of our clients. If you want to reach the best outcome possible in your recovery efforts, we will do everything we can to enhance your award as much as state law allows.

Q: What Happens if I Partially Caused My Car Accident?

A: Colorado is one of many states to enforce the modified comparative negligence law. This law applies in any personal injury claim in which the plaintiff shares liability for their claimed damages with the defendant. If the plaintiff is less than 50% at fault, they can still recover damages from the defendant. However, their fault percentage is deducted from their case award. For example, 30% fault would mean they lose 30% of their compensation under the comparative negligence law. Fault over 50% would disqualify the plaintiff from seeking compensation from the defendant entirely.

Q: Will the Driver Who Caused My Accident Go to Jail?

A: The driver responsible for your recent accident is liable for any damages they inflicted on you, but they could also face criminal prosecution depending on how they caused the accident. If they harmed you because of DUI, reckless driving, or any other illegal misconduct, the state is likely to file criminal charges against them. Your Lone Tree car accident attorney will advise you as to how this could affect your recovery efforts and the compensation you obtain.

The attorneys at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard have assisted many clients in the Lone Tree area and throughout the surrounding communities with their car accident claims. Whether you believe you can resolve your recent accident with a claim against the driver at fault’s insurance or you are expecting more protracted legal proceedings, we can help you recover maximum compensation for your losses in the most efficient manner possible. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with an experienced Lone Tree car accident attorney.

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