Thornton Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Thornton Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Thornton Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrians face risks any time they walk near motor vehicle traffic. Even when pedestrians follow crossing signals and only cross streets when it is safe to do so, pedestrian accidents can occur unexpectedly from various types of negligence or intentional misconduct from passing motorists. It is also possible for a pedestrian to cause an accident if they jaywalk, or cross the street outside of the designated crosswalk and step into the path of a driver who doesn’t have time to stop.

Thornton Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Experienced Legal Representation for Injured Pedestrians in Thornton, CO

When a pedestrian accident happens, even at low speed, the pedestrian has a high chance of suffering severe injuries from both the initial impact of the vehicle and the secondary impact of hitting the ground. If you or a family member recently experienced this type of accident due to the negligence or misconduct of a driver, a Thornton pedestrian accident attorney is the ideal resource to consult.

The attorneys at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard have extensive professional experience of all kinds with personal injury claims in Thornton, including those arising from pedestrian accidents. All drivers in the state are required to have auto insurance, and an initial claim against the driver who hit you may provide some recompense for your damages, but insurance alone is unlikely to fully compensate you. When you are unsure how to hold a driver accountable for the pedestrian accident they have caused, we can help determine your optimal path to recovering your losses.

Proving Responsibility for a Pedestrian Accident in Thornton

If you suffered injuries and economic losses due to the negligence or intentional misconduct of a driver in Thornton, you could file a personal injury claim against them to recover your losses. A few of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in the Thornton area include:

  • Distraction behind the wheel. Across the United States, distracted driving is the leading cause of all vehicle accidents, and pedestrians are especially vulnerable to distracted drivers. If your injuries happened because a driver was not paying attention, your Thornton pedestrian accident attorney can help gather evidence to prove their liability, such as their cell phone records, vehicle computer data, and recordings from nearby traffic cameras.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). It’s illegal to operate a vehicle while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, so any driver who causes a pedestrian accident in this manner faces criminal charges alongside their liability for the victim’s civil damages. Penalties for DUI include driver’s license suspension, mandatory substance abuse counseling, fines, and jail time. These penalties are automatically increased when a DUI driver causes severe injury or death.
  • Reckless driving. Reckless driving can include intentional moving violations like performing illegal turns, excessive speeding, or running through red lights or stop signs without stopping. This may lead to criminal prosecution of the at-fault driver depending on the severity of their actions and whether they engaged in their reckless driving intentionally.
  • Speeding. Any time a driver exceeds the speed limit, they have less time and distance to slow down or stop to avoid a collision. Pedestrians are more likely to suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries if they are hit at higher speeds.

If your recent pedestrian accident occurred due to negligence, success with a personal injury claim requires proof that the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care in a manner resulting in the accident in question. On the other hand, if the accident was the result of any intentional misconduct, the plaintiff’s civil case is likely to unfold alongside a criminal case filed by the state. In either scenario, it’s crucial for the injured plaintiff to have experienced legal counsel on their side to reach an advantageous outcome to their proceedings.

Claiming Recompense for Your Pedestrian Accident in Thornton

Colorado law lets the plaintiff in a personal injury suit seek repayment of all the economic losses they suffered because of the defendant’s negligence or misconduct. Therefore, once you and your attorney have proven exactly how your pedestrian accident occurred and identified the party responsible for causing it, you can proceed with claiming recompense for your damages. Under state law, your claimable damages may include the following:

  • Medical expenses. Pedestrian accidents commonly cause severe injuries. Therefore, the defendant who injured you is liable for any and all medical expenses you incur for the treatment of your injuries. This includes immediate health care expenses like your hospital bills as well as all costs associated with necessary ongoing rehabilitative care.
  • Lost income. When your injuries prevent you from working, the defendant is liable for the income you cannot earn during your recovery. You also can seek compensation for any vacation time you were forced to use in the aftermath of your accident.
  • Lost ability to earn money in the future. Unfortunately, many victims of pedestrian accidents are left without the ability to work due to the severity of their injuries. If your accident permanently disabled you, the defendant is liable for the future income you can no longer earn.

Your economic damages are only part of your recovery. You also can hold the defendant accountable for the pain and suffering you experienced from their actions. State law limits this aspect of your recovery, but working with an experienced Thornton pedestrian accident attorney offers an excellent chance of maximizing recompense for your non-economic damages.

Depending on the nature of the defendant’s behavior that led to your pedestrian accident, you may also recover restitution from their criminal sentencing, or the judge overseeing your civil case could award punitive damages alongside your other compensation. When you choose Cheney Galluzzi & Howard to represent you in a pedestrian accident case, our team will provide responsive communication through all stages of your case and strive for maximum recovery from your damages.

Thornton Pedestrian Injury Lawyers FAQs

Q: What Happens if I Partially Caused My Pedestrian Accident?

A: In the event that you were jaywalking or were otherwise negligent in a manner resulting in your recent pedestrian accident, you can still recover some of your claimed damages. However, Colorado enforces a modified comparative negligence statute, so you will lose a percentage of your total case award to reflect your percentage of fault for causing the accident in question. If your fault is less than 50%, you can still claim compensation from the defendant. However, your fault percentage is deducted from your case award, so bearing 30% fault means losing 30% of your total compensation.

Q: How Do I Prove Who Is Responsible for a Pedestrian Accident?

A: If you were hit by a driver who fled the scene or if any other issues arise that complicate your ability to discern fault for your recent accident, it is vital to consult a trustworthy Thornton pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help collect evidence like traffic camera footage, security camera recordings from the area around your accident, and testimony from eyewitnesses.

Q: How Much Is My Pedestrian Accident Claim Worth in Thornton?

A: It’s natural to wonder about your case’s total potential value. However, when you hire trustworthy legal counsel, you are more likely to maximize your case award and secure as much compensation as the law allows for your damages. Your Thornton pedestrian accident attorney can assist you in obtaining repayment of all your medical expenses, your income, and your other economic losses resulting from the accident. You also can claim pain and suffering compensation from the defendant.

Q: How Much Does a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Cost?

A: Cheney Galluzzi & Howard eliminates the risk of your legal expenses overshadowing your case award with our contingency fee policy. Instead of paying upfront and ongoing legal fees for our legal counsel, we take a percentage of the total compensation we win for you as our fee. However, you only pay a fee if we win, and you owe nothing if we are unable to secure a recovery for you for any reason.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Thornton Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

A: A driver always has a duty of care to prevent injuries to pedestrians, but you should not assume that winning your pedestrian accident claim will be simple and straightforward. The reality is that many unexpected variables could potentially arise and complicate your case, and it’s essential to have legal counsel you trust on your side if you want to achieve favorable results. Having an experienced Thornton pedestrian accident attorney represent your case significantly improves your chances of winning and allows you to recover in peace as your legal team handles your case proceedings for you.

The attorneys at Cheney Galluzzi & Howard have many years of professional experience in personal injury law, and we’ve helped many clients secure substantial case awards. We are ready to put this experience to work for you in your impending pedestrian accident claim. Time is a critical factor when successfully filing any civil claim, so contact us today and schedule your free consultation with a Thornton pedestrian accident attorney to start working toward your recovery as soon as possible.

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